Whether it's to create more space, de-clutter the home, or prepare for a move, Personal Logistics offers a range of services to pick and choose from. These can be specifically tailored to suit your needs. 

After you decide what you are keeping, we will take care of the rest by sorting your items into three categories: To be sold, donated, or disposed. 


‚ÄčItems that can be sold are brought to our beautiful retail store in The Brooklyn Mall, in Southeast Portland. We can sell all types of items for you, including all household items, art, jewelry, vehicles, tools, business equipment, etc. We use a variety of methods to get the best results for our clients which includes our retail store and extensive online sales, including Craigslist, Ebay, Ruby Lane, and 1st Dibs. Our consignment fee is 40% and pickup services are available. See here for more information about our Consignment services.


‚ÄčOther items that cannot be sold in our retail store are sorted and brought to a donation center of your choice. We will provide you with an itemized list of donated items and the estimated value, along with the donation slip. 


We transport the remaining items for disposal: recycling, haz-mat, or rubbish. All hazardous materials are properly disposed of at the Metro Transfer Station.

For a free in-home consultation, or to find out more:

Phone: (503) 926-3655

Email: jerry@PersonalLogistics.biz

We also work closely with the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), and if you need an organizer to assist you, we can recommend one that is suitable to your project.